Our Services

Value is a product of trust

We will scrub, sparkle and inspect your items, some of which will find their spotlight in our showcases. At Bling, we are in charge of finding that jewelry a happy new home. When your jewelry sells, you will receive 50% of that selling price. In some cases, you may receive up to 70%.

We Buy Gold

Value is a product of trust

Bling buys your gold!! Have some gold in your jewelry box that’s broken, mismatched, or not saleable? Bring in your old gold today for top prices paid. You will receive immediate cash payment or 10% more if you prefer store credit.


Value is a product of trust

Julie is a Certified Diamontologist and with over 20 years of experience in the retail jewelry field. Julie saw a need to help people find buyers for their previously owned jewelry. The most common option before this was to melt it down and get paid only on the gold content, not the stones or craftsmanship, or take it to a pawn shop for pennies on the dollar. The creation of Bling not only gives you a better option to earn some money, but also take home some bling for yourself or a loved one at a fraction of the retail price.

Bling It Around Again is here to help you get more than ever before for your unused jewelry. Whether it be a vintage piece from Grandma or a wedding band that is no longer needed, bring it in to Bling for a free evaluation. We will scrub, sparkle, and inspect your items. Those chosen will then find their spotlight in our showcase. We at Bling will then be in charge of finding the jewelry a happy new home. When your jewelry sells, you will receive the percentage of that sale agreed to at intake. How does 50, 60, or even 70% sound? We thought you might like that. Need cash on the spot? We’ll also give you a quote to purchase your jewelry immediately. Bring your bling in today!