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Earrings are extremely special jewelry pieces to have in your jewelry box because they may pretty much be the most versatile jewelry piece of all. For centuries, they've been an essential ornament for women given their power to enhance beauty and harmonize a woman’s face while doing so.

These are just some of the reasons why we love earrings. Over time, they’ve acquired many forms. Today,
the fashion industry offers an ever more extensive variety of them. With so many different options to
choose from, we’ll expand on the different kinds of earrings, so you'll know which pair(s) to get. 

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How to find the right type of earrings for you?

Given so many different earrings styles featuring various materials, shapes, and sizes, ideally you can make sure you’ll have one pair of earrings of each type, since they may serve slightly different purposes. One way to decide which kind of earrings to get is to find out what you intend to wear with them. 

Is there a specific purpose or occasion you will be wearing those earrings to? Do you need a pair of earrings for everyday use only, or is it for a special event, like a wedding, party, or another formal ceremony? Our experts can help you find the perfect earrings for the right occasion you have in mind.

Let’s take a look at the main types of earrings:

Drops and Dangles

Drops and dangles are perfect for harmonizing one’s face and they come in different sizes, lengths and shapes. If you want your face to look less round, a longer pair can easily elongate it. But if, in turn, you want to add volume to a skinnier face shape, then go for a fuller pair. 

Both drops and dangle earrings are fairly similar, and the difference between them relates to movement: whereas drops hang just below the earlobe and are stationary, dangles swing back and forth or side to side as you move around, walk, or swing your head. 

Speak to an expert for more info on how to use these beautiful ornaments to your advantage! 

Gemstone earrings

These little wonders add so much color to your life! Not only do they look good with neutral tones by upgrading any look. Gemstone earrings also come in all colors of the rainbow and are able to match any tone around them. Use that natural benefit inherent in gemstones to add a pop of color to your outfit!

Hoops and Huggies

Hoops and huggies are extremely feminine earrings. but with a touch of attitude, so they’re commonly worn by sassy women and come with an attitude of knowing their power. As such, hoops are the sweethearts of strong and bold women. Traditionally they’re big, but today they come in many sizes. 

Huggies are a smaller-size style of hoop earrings. Their name stems from the fact that they literally hug the ears and may come in pairs or trios. Huggie earrings are smaller than regular hoops, they weigh less on the ears and are super comfortable to wear. They're usually worn alone or with other pairs.

Pearl Earrings

Nothing beats the delicacy of pearls. They are feminine and timeless in that they're able to enhance any outfit effortlessly in a seemingly discreet way unlike any other pair of earrings. This subtle yet impossible to notice presence is what makes pearls earrings grant anyone a princess-like delicate look.


For some people, no earrings are more versatile than stud earrings. Because they have such a neutral format, they suit any face shape and at the same time are able to upgrade any look, especially if they feature diamonds! Studs can be discreet or extravagant. Basically, they can be however you like. 

They come in endless styles and shapes and can feature gemstones, pearls and can be composed of different metals, such as silver, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. For these many reasons, studs are able to please just about anybody you can think of, from friends, to family, and lovers.

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